Uses Of Wisconsin Court Data for Business, Research, Law

Custom Research and Analysis

We will discuss your needs with you and devise a custom court data query and report. We will work closely with you to ensure you get the information you need, in the format that is most useful to you. Many queries are done the same day as requested. We perform these services on a time and materials basis.

Expert Witness

We serve as expert witnesses in situations that require testimony regarding the accuracy, breadth, and integrity of the CCAP case data in general, and more specifically our research of the CCAP case data.

Custom Application Development related to Court Activities

For clients who need specific court data on a recurring basis, we have developed custom applications that deliver this data in an economical and efficient manner. Depending on your needs, we can devise an application that delivers data weekly, daily, or even real time (within minutes of any updates done at CCAP.)

We work closely with you to learn your business needs. We filter, sort, correct, and format the data to your requirements, providing accuracy and value. Importantly, because of our proficiency and experience, we can develop such an application in a short time frame and at reasonable cost.

CourtTracker™ Criminal Case Research Tool
developed especially for Criminal Defense Attorneys

We have a powerful research tool that allows you to construct your own query of the CCAP criminal court case data. It's as easy as logging onto a website, clicking on a few selection fields, and within seconds the results of your query are in front of you. If you selected the wrong fields, or need more/less/different criminal data, the query can be changed with a few more clicks, and new results are displayed.

Select specific statutes; counties; prosecutors; judges; case status; dispositions; sentences; defendant sex, race, age; date ranges; or any combination of these (and other) criteria. Choose which fields you wish to see in your report and order the results by any criteria you desire.

See the relevant case detail, dispositions, and sentences within seconds. Find similar cases, identify trends and patterns, discover exceptions. Use a compendious history of past cases to better predict future court actions.

CourtTracker Reviewed...
CourtTracker was reviewed on the University of Wisconsin Law Library Blog.

This tool is provided under annual subscription that permits you to do as many queries of the Wisconsin criminal data as you like, and you never pay more. Our serious clients find this an exceptional value.

To learn more about CourtTracker™, visit

CourtCal™ Wisconsin Circuit Court Calendar

CourtCal is a suite of calendar tools for Wisconsin's circuit court. As a unique extension to CCAP's court calendar, CourtCal was designed especially for attorneys. Save time and eliminate calendaring mistakes. CourtCal makes it simple to verify your court calendar, so you never miss a court appointment. CourtCal is beautifully simple, elegant, and intuitive. Because it's web based, you don't need to download, install, or configure anything; all you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

CourtCal delivers tremendous functionality that makes it easy to monitor your circuit court calendar, whether you access the web interface, read the appointment emails, or import events into your existing calendar software.

CourtCal includes the following features:

  • Web calendar
  • Multiple attorneys
  • E-mail notifications
  • Outlook support
  • Cell phone access
  • Updated daily

To learn more about CourtCal™, visit

How our services have made a difference

Some examples of successful uses of court data by our criminal defense attorney clients:

• Our attorney client represented a youthful adult offender who pled no contest to felony charges. In arguments made at the sentencing hearing, the attorney demonstrated (using criminal court data we provided) that courts historically made a significant distinction in the sentences given for this crime to youthful adult offenders versus sentences given to older adults.

• Our attorney client represented a first time offender who considered a plea offer from a prosecutor. The prosecutor was initially resistant to offering a first offenders program as part of the plea offer, citing the seriousness of the crime and no precedence for such accommodations. The attorney provided evidence (from criminal court data we provided) that the prosecutor had, in fact, included a first offenders program as part of plea offers in more than a dozen similar cases involving the same crime.

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